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A life update...

This is a post that was meant to be published more than a month ago, then life happens and blogging is a total luxury...

Without boring you into the details, the third trimester was a lot harder than I previously expected. After a short couple of weeks of bliss, pains and discomforts were my daily bread, but with hindsight it was actually a blessing. My body had been into a slow pre-labour for few weeks and when my waters broke at 38 weeks I was over 5cm dilated without any contraction until the OB put me on pitocin to speed up labor. My pain threshold has never been high and an epidural was already in the agenda. Thanks goodness I didn't hesitate when they offered one...! Six hours after the nurse administered the pitocin, little Francis Alexander Morgan made an appearance on the evening of July 18th 2018. He was a chunky monkey weighing 8 lbs and we all fell in love once again.

The recovery was generally good: I had a little spinal fluid leakage with the epidural that gave me a horrible migraine for 10 days. It doesn't happen often (1 out of 100 people) and it heals with time. One lesson I have learned from this is that you should always seek for second opinions, or even third and fourth. When it first happened to me, the pain was unbearable and the doctor at the time suggested I'd have a 'patch' with a procedure similar to an epidural. The fear of getting it wrong again was real (it meant more migraine), but I was so resolute to fix my headaches that I almost went for that. I'm glad I spoke to other specialists, because although they all gave me a different opinion on the matter, they made me realize I had other less invasive options to choose from, like drinking a ton of coffee or taking some medications. In the end, caffeine, bedrest and time healed me and now I'm totally migraine-free. I've heard from one of the doctors that migraine of this kind can be managed by drinking coffee with lemon juice (!!!); it doesn't taste nice but the two ingredients combined are really powerful in numbing the nerves that cause the migraine.

You might wonder how I find life with two kids? Good question. I think there's no easy answer. Although it's hard at times to adjust to the idea of a family of 4 (and Grace has definitely felt it the most), it's so beautiful and I can't wait for the kids to start playing together. I was prepared mentally to sleep deprivation all over again, but actually it's a lot better at night than what I predicted. Also, once past the first month, we've noticed how Grace is so loving to her baby brother and how protective she is. If he cries, she goes and checks on him; if he smiles, she smiles back and hugs him. It's so sweet to see them together. What is still hard for me is to keep on top of house work, cooking, social life and spending some time with the hubs. By the time the kids are in bed, we are both knackered and fall asleep before deciding what to watch on Netflix.

I'm sure we'll get into some sort of routine and this chaos will be our new 'normal'.

I remember not enjoying the newborn/early infant stage with Grace: it was exhausting, maybe because of my inexperience and/or the lack of sleep. Now I'm definitely not a baby whisperer (I wish!) , but my body feels it's well trained to keep up with the night feedings and I know that sleep can get better with time.

Luckily, Francis seems to be a generally more chilled baby than Grace and this makes everything easier. As long as he's fed and cuddled, he's the most content baby on earth.

I still have to master the skill of toddler and baby photography, but for now enjoy few snaps of these two together. I think Grace's found a new 'toy'...

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