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What a weekend looks like with a toddler

If you had asked me what my weekend routine was few years ago, I'd have said a lie in! I'd wake up around 9am, have breakfast by 10 while watching TV. That for me was a well-deserved lazy weekend morning. Fast forward to these days and by 9 am I'm dressed, I've had breakfast, the apartment is clean and I'm probably on my way somewhere with a toddler strapped in her car seat.

While in the past a weekend was the time to reset after a long week at work, now it's all about enjoying our time with Grace as a family. It's always a little tricky to balance family and rest time as they often clash: the usual arguments around the weekend are about who takes care of Grace while the other one can go to the gym or just vegetate in front of the iPad. On one hand I look after her all week from morning till evening and I can't wait to get that 'me' time; on the other, Leon wants to catch up on sport, go to the gym and sleep after a week in the office. Who's right? :)

Over time we have come to the unofficial agreement that we split our parent's duties between morning and afternoon: if he takes care of Grace in the morning, I'd play more with her later after her nap and vice versa. Thanks goodness for me, Grace is a daddy's girl and she prefers Leon over me so he ends up playing with her most of the time.

Winding down is an art especially when I feel constantly juggling at home from task to task. Weekends are pretty standard, but here it's what I focus on between Saturday and Sunday...

Make simple and yummy treats

Usually, I cook few little things for the week ahead, prepping vegetables and mainly Grace's food. One thing I love doing over the weekend is cooking something delicious that oozes flavor and feels like a proper weekend treat. Nothing complicated: dates with nut butter, energy balls or chocolate truffles are my go-to sweet treats that we all enjoy after a meal. At my grandparents back in Italy, sweets after lunch were a must after Sunday lunch and I like to keep the tradition.

Take my time during meals

From Monday to Friday my lunches involve a slice of bread topped with avocado and a pinch of salt eaten on the kitchen sink to avoid extra washing up. I know, I know...from a health coach you would have expected better than that.

During the weekend I prioritize meal times and force myself to set the table and have a proper sat-down lunch with Leon and Grace.

Do at least one family activity

If you have kids you know they are at the centre of your weekends...it's only natural and we as a family always make sure Grace has her special time with mommy and daddy. We have signed her up at a gym on Saturday mornings as a daddy-and-me activity: not only it has become something they both look forward to, but it also gives me a couple of hours of freedom - win-win!

If we don't go to the beach in the afternoon, we plan to go to the park all together. With the good weather and longer days, we get a little more 'adventurous' and drive a little further to nicer beaches or fun places.

Remember I'm also a wife, not just a mom

A good conversation at dinner, at the park or a movie tucked in bed are some of the ways we like to catch up with each other. Days go so fast and we end up having done 'things' without taking time for us as a couple. We go out once or twice a month and obviously that's our special evening, but a simple snuggle in bed sometimes is all we need. I get tired so quickly now, Grace takes most of my energy during the day, so even watching Netflix in bed ends up in both of us asleep within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

It's definitely not rock and roll and I admire those families who can do more than this. We know things will be shaken up soon next month with the arrival of little boy Morgan, so with that in mind we try to take it slow as we know night feedings will hunt us real soon...

How do you spend your weekends? Are you a gym-goer, a meal prepper, a party animal or a domestic goddess?

I'd love to know! xx


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