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Goodbye second trimester

And two third of this pregnancy have flown by...

In so many ways it felt just as an extension of the first trimester since the annoying symptoms have been taking a while to subside. However, for the past week I have started to feel better and the baby glow is finally showing :)

Probably, the highlight of this trimester was to find out the gender. We waited until the 21st week scan. Although the chance of guessing the sex right is a high 50%, Leon and I expected an another girl for some reasons and, so, it was a total surprise to hear we were going to have a boy. Leon will always deny this in public, he literally jumped on his seat and dried a little tear on his cheek at the news.

The bump is growing real fast and so my weight, but it's all under control and, most importantly, the baby boy is healthy and he's kicking A LOT. They say that the baby's movements can predict whether he'll be a night or a morning sleeper: if that is so, he will be a party animal like his sister for the first months of his life.

I am really fortunate to have had family members visiting and helping me with Grace. As I speak now, I'm lounging at a very lovely pool in a beautiful hotel tucked in the California wine valleys where we're spending just over 24-hour babymoon, while my mom has kindly 'volunteered' to babysit Grace at home. You'd probably wonder what the heck I'm doing writing a post during my babymoon...the fact is I don't remember how to relax at a pool: the last time I did it was long time ago.

Any expectations for the weeks ahead? Not really. I'm just preparing mentally to sleep deprivation and dealing with toddler's tantrums and possibly some jealousy. Having gone through this before, I appreciate the value of a good night sleep and it's been my focus and will be till July. At the same time, we're planning to see friends and go out more often, having date nights booked in and just enjoying the time as a family of three.

The nesting phase is on its way...I can feel it in my urge of cleaning every single cabinet and draw in our little apartment.

Can't wait to share more in the next couple of months! xx

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