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Some exciting additions on the blog!

It is true I love sharing recipes and tips on how to feel good and healthy, but I can't deny that 90% of my time is devoted nurturing a little, well, not so little anymore, baba and growing another one in my belly (I don't personally do anything for that, but it increases the amount of struggle during the day). So, yeah, if you want to give me a title I am a full time mom, synonymous of hard, unpaid job, but maybe the most gratifying out there.

In a 'normal' 9-to-5 job, experience and hard work can help your career and maybe earn you a promotion or a bonus. Personally, I think that motherhood is a bit more complicated than that: in my 20 months or so in the job, the biggest lesson learnt is that I still don't know anything. What I do have now, compared to 2 years ago, is only a better understanding of this concept.

You know all the books on sleep training, how to grow a happy baby without complexes and so forth? I bought a ton of those and the last time I read one was when I was pregnant with my first. The funny thing is that you'll notice with time that your child is always the 'exception' in those books and in the best case scenarios they end up with that 'mind blowing' statement: "this method works for so many children, but every child is different so it could not work with yours": so why even bother, I say. In retrospective, I wish I had saved the money for diapers.

However, one thing that really has helped me as a mother is sharing all the insecurities, the funny moments and good and bad times with other moms or even just friends who are willing to listen to your burp/vomit/poo jokes. In the past I attended a Mommy & Me class where I had the chance to meet a lot of lovely ladies and their little ones and where I realized I wasn't alone in thinking that being able to take a shower uninterrupted was the best gift in life.

I thought it's time find a motherhood corner in my blog for all the women who want to hear what's the real deal with motherhood without life filters (only the lighting in photos!). My aim is to give you a real insight of how funnily and ungraciously I try to figure out life in general with a crazy sweet toddler and a growing belly. So, read those posts with a pinch of irony, because that is one of the secrets of being a happy mommy!

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