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Three ways to drink more water

How many times do we hear we have to drink 8 glasses of water every day? We all know that for our health water is better than vodka. And yet, we seem to be neglecting our daily water intake. People even buy expensive fancy water bottles to make water a cool drink. If that works for them, then, so be it. I did try that trick: I once bought a glass bottle, easy to carry and easy to wash. Now, it's an extra glassware I have to store in my already-packed cupboards.

As a wellness passionate, I get reminded over and over again the importance of drinking enough water, because it's a fact that we're 72% made of H20 and we function poorly if we're dehydrated.

As a mom in a hurry, drinking enough is another thing to add in to my to-do list as I am not a natural drinker. Some people can drink gallons a day and they say they love it, I just can't do that sustainably.

First of all, when you hear that you need to drink 8 glasses of water you have to remember that it is only a standard measure. Your intake will depend on your activity and your weight. On the internet, there are many websites that calculates your water intake. You may find out that you need less or more than the suggested amount.

If you're like me and drinking water is still a hard chore, then these 3 tips may help you and you will find out that, actually, is not that bad at all!

Flavor your water naturally with essential oils

I tried to flavor my water with fresh herbs and slices of fruits or cucumber. It tastes amazing and if you're willing to clean your jug every day, you're more than welcome. I just can't do it on a daily basis. So many times I left the herbs go rotten for days.

However, there is a 'cleaner' way to achieve the same result: add few drops of edible grade essential oil and you're good to go! I can't tell you enough how good it tastes. Orange and lemon are my absolute favorite. Peppermint is also very refreshing and a natural energizer. Not only essential oils require absolutely no extra prepping, washing and cutting like fresh fruits/veggies do, but they have massive benefits. Be sure you use steel or glass containers to drink your flavored water as the essential oil could react with plastic. Also, one drop for a glass of water is enough to give the flavor and to gain the benefits from the oil. As essential oils are a concentrate of goodness, a little bit goes a long way. So, I suggest only taking up to 3 drops of essential oils a day. Also, if you're pregnant, consult your doctor on the matter.

​Eat water-rich fruits and veggies

If your diet incorporates naturally a lot of watery foods, then you may not feel that thirsty after all. Although I don't drink a lot of water, I know from the color of my wee (sorry, TMI) I am not dehydrated. How do I do that? Firstly, I have recently made the decision of drinking less coffee (click here for the post) and coffee is a renowned dehydrating drink. Also, I eat a lot of vegetables that are very watery: salad leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and radishes. Among fruits, watermelon, melon and berries make the top list for water content being 90% and more. If you have a big bowl of salad for lunch, you've eaten enough to cover one of the many glasses of water you need, plus you gain the extra benefits from the phytonutrients (you can find out more here).


Finally, it's fall and the weather is getting cooler even in LA, which means it is time to warm soups. Soups have a lot more water than salads because of the added liquid content. I love winter squashes (butternut squash) this time of the year. I roast 2 halves in the oven at 380F for an hour. I scoop the pulp and blend it well with water or broth and then add other flavors depending on whats available in my kitchen: for an exotic touch, a tin of coconut milk and fresh grated ginger, or for a more Mediterranean taste, roasted tomatoes or peppers, salt and pepper.

So, soups are a win-win. They nourish you with their warmth and hydrate you too.

The morale of the story? You're probably already drinking enough water, unless the color of your wee tells you otherwise. By naturally eating more water-rich foods in different forms (salads or soups) and by easily flavoring your water with essential oils, you'll up your water-game in a blink of an eye. Drinking water will really be as 'easy as drinking a glass of water'.

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