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Chicken 'all'Italiana'

In my last post I talk about quick and simple dinners. Did you want a real life example? Here it is, my favorite chicken recipe so far. One pan, five main ingredients, fifteen minutes.

I call it chicken all'Italiana, because all these ingredients remind me of home in a hot summer day.

Seriously, this is a must try dish and can be eaten hot or cold. I make it at least once a week and I prepare it while the hubs bathes the baby: this is how quick prep time is. It cooks while I nurse and put Grace down for the night. And here you have it: dinner ready in moments. Tonight I've paired with some quinoa, but cauliflower rice, brown rice or even some toasted bread would do to absorb all the delicious juice.

Also, you can swap chicken with white fish. In that case, cook the sauce for a couple of minutes before adding the fish as it takes only few minutes to be ready.

Even if you didn't want to have meat or fish, this is a great base for a simple, yet, flavorsome pasta.

Ingredients (for 2 hungry people)

1 lb (450g) chicken breast (skinless and boneless)

1 handful of black olives - the juicier the better

1 tbs of capers

1 lbs cherry tomatoes

Olive oil (optional)

1 handful fresh basil (optional)


Cut the meat in bite size, half the cherry tomatoes, the olives and the shredded basil leaves. Add all the ingredients to a pan and let it cook at high - medium heat for a couple of minutes. Then lower the heat, and let it simmer with the lid on for another 10 minutes or until the meat is completely cooked and the tomatoes have formed a lovely sauce. I find the olives and the capers salty enough, so I don't add any salt, but you can season as much as you like.

Before serving you can drizzle some olive oil and garnish with some extra basil leaves.

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