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My 'hold-it-together' morning routine

morning routine

It's so popular to have a "morning" routine in a blog or on YOUtube these days. Well, if you are a busy individual or a mom like myself, there's no time for meditation, lighting a perfumed candle or making healthy pancakes that take 30 minutes and mess up the whole kitchen counter. From the second I get out of bed, I'm on a race to get things done while my husband is at home and can manage a potentially screaming baby. Mornings are usually the best time for me to get things organized, because I'm a morning person.

Everybody has their own routine, but I'd like to share mine to give you some practical ideas and, if you're a mom, show you that we're all in the same boat: time is precious and it's all about efficiency.


As I mentioned on a post before, I adore breakfast, it's my number one favorite meal of the day. Theoretically, I'd love making myself a good stack of oats pancakes with homemade jam or poached eggs on avocado toast every morning, but no chance. Breakfast has to be nutritious and quick. No time to mess around. It's not just because I want to squeeze as much as possible in an hour, but also because I wake up very hungry.

These days I'm all for my granola which is made in advance and lasts quite few days or organic weetabix (whole grains wheat biscuits). Weetabix have a handful of readable ingredients, 2 g of sugar per serving (plain yogurt has more!) and plenty of fiber: that's good for me if I don't have a fresh batch of my granola at hand. A splash of goat's milk or whatever milk I have, a chopped banana, job done.

While the granola or weetabix soak the milk, I make myself an espresso coffee. I find even a simple breakfast hugely important - it's my "me" time and helps my brain awake properly.


I've started to include this very recently and it works pretty well. I use a 1.5 l empty bottle and I fill it with some fresh water in the morning and sip from it throughout the day. It's a really convenient way to check I drink the minimum required. Recently, I have been having issues with my milk supply and dehydration is one of the first things that can affect the milk production. It has made a difference and I can tell that baby Grace is a lot less frustrated when I nurse her.


So this is where the fun begins. Every morning I set a time to tidy up the apartment. Usually it's 20-30 minutes, right after breakfast. There are few things that are done daily: hoover the floor, clean the kitchen and make the beds (Grace's too). If I have some extra time because the hubs is kind enough to give me a hand with the bed, I also clean really quickly the bathroom. It makes a whole world of difference to have a clean(-sh) apartment. For me, the home environment reflects and influences my state of mind: a messy and disorganized house results in chaos on the inside. If you are like me, make it a priority in the morning or whenever you are the most productive. It doesn't have to be the whole house, just choose a couple of chores every day. I usually choose my chores based on the rooms I'm using the most.


Once my tummy is full, my brain caffeinated and my mind in peace, it's time to plan the day. I use a pretty pink planner and I like to write down a to-do list for the day. It helps giving me direction , whether it's going to be a chilled day or a mad one (the difference usually is caused by skipping one of Grace's naps and breaking her routine). Also, since being a mother, I've developed the memory of a gold fish; if I don't write things down, rest assured that they won't be done.


Usually, all the above takes me around 45 min to an hour and I make sure my hubs is still around for most of it. Grace is a good girl in the morning, she's pretty chilled and loves the hoover in action. By the time she's been awake for 90 minutes, she shows the first signs of tiredness. So after a kiss from daddy, it's time for her to nap and for me to start the day after all that planning and prepping.

At this point, I'm still in my PJs - so this is the moment I take a quick shower and get dressed. I'd love to say I apply some fancy make up, but washing my face with clean water, applying a moisturizer and brushing my hair are all I do. At least for now. Hopefully I'll get into that at some point and I'll keep you posted on my beauty routine, which is pretty inexistent right now. I'm happy enough that I can take a shower without worrying that Grace screams in the other room.

So this is my simple and time efficient morning routine, I hope you've enjoyed it and let me know what you do in the morning!

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