Hi there! 

Thank you for stopping by, I promise I'll be short! 

My name is...surprise, surprise, Ester. I currently live in sunny Los Angeles, California.

I was born and raised in Italy from an Italian dad and Japanese mom, then I moved to London, UK for university and, eventually, I found a job in a prominent film company where I met my husband.

I studied Business and Finance with the dream of becoming a banker or a successful business woman. With lots of determination, I qualified as a Management Accountant in record time, I worked hard for a good salary, but, guess what...I wasn't happy at all. There was something that wasn't ticking in my life.

In the meantime, what it used to be a mild skin condition, it exploded into a severe eczema that quickly covered most of my body. Maybe stress? Maybe an allergy? After going to many doctors and tried many therapies, I decided to take my health back in my hands and make some basic changes in my lifestyle and diet. I started to get more interested in holistic nutrition, I read a lot on the topic and also attended courses in a famous nutrition institute in London.

Slowly, my interest and my focus were drawn to integrative nutrition that not only take cares of the body, but also the mind. That changed my way of taking care of myself completely. Today, I am 99% eczema free; as many conditions, this doesn't disappear, but it can be managed with a balanced lifestyle and the right diet. 

In 2015 we moved to California due to work (I was still working in the corporate world), but more and more I was tempted to make a big shift in my career. I even graduated as Integrative Health Coach in June 2016. Fear of failure and of losing the benefits of a finance job stopped me from making this change many times. Until I became mom of Grace Elizabeth in 2016. Being so far from my husband's and my families meant we would have relied heavily on nannies or daycare and financially it didn't make a lot of sense to us. So, after saying goodbye to my corporate job and hello to full time motherhood (the hardest and most amazing job in the world), it was time to finally fulfill my real passion: help others to find their healthy balance in their life, through coaching and teaching. I experience first hand what it means to balance a busy life, work, family and friends. It's not easy. If you feel overwhelmed by all of it, you are not alone.

And this is where I come to play!


Body and Mind by Ester was born as a lifestyle/food blog where I could share my latest creations and my new mommy life. The aim was to show first time moms, like me, but also busy professionals, that you can still find some balance in your life as well as time for cooking nutritious meals for you and your loved ones. 

While I still blog, today my goal is to help you reach your health goals, put the power back in your hands, support you all the way. I am the coach, you're the key player in this game!

We are all different and I know this well. Not only in terms of lifestyle and dietary requirements, but also, in terms of coaching style and budget.

I offer individual and small group coaching sessions, cooking classes, pantry and fridge makeover sessions and a grocery shopping tour. As a Health Coach, I don't prescribe a diet or a one way approach to reach your goals, but I tailor the program around you and your needs. This is the reason why before working with potential clients, I offer a free initial consultation where I learn more about you and your goals. This helps me understand the areas we can work on together. My sessions with you will be customized and no session or class will ever be the same. 

Now that you know a lot about me (sorry, I did try to keep it short!), why don't you tell me more about you by reserving a free 50 minute consultation? You have nothing to lose! Contact me today if you want to put an end to days of clueless eating and a lifestyle that doesn't work towards your dream goals!